100 Preguntas Básicas En Ingles

El inglés es un idioma que se habla en muchos países de todo el mundo y es útil saber algunas frases básicas en inglés. A continuación se presentan algunas preguntas básicas en inglés que pueden ser útiles en una conversación.


preguntas básicas en ingles

  1. what is your name?
  2. what is your age?
  3. where are you from?
  4. what is your native language?
  5. do you speak english?
  6. can you help me?
  7. where is the bathroom?
  8. how much does this cost?
  9. i don’t understand
  10. where is the bus station?
  11. when does the bus leave?
  12. where are you going?
  13. how long are you staying?
  14. do you have a map?
  15. can you show me?
  16. i’m looking for a hotel
  17. can you recommend a good one?
  18. i’d like a single room
  19. with a private bathroom
  20. how much is it per night?
  21. i need to change some money
  22. where can i do that?
  23. what time is it?
  24. could you give me directions to…?
  25. i’m lost
  26. can i use your phone?
  27. i’m thirsty
  28. can i have a glass of water, please?
  29. i’m hungry
  30. can i have something to eat, please?
  31. i’m allergic to…
  32. i have a headache
  33. i have a cold
  34. i have a fever
  35. i hurt my…
  36. where is the nearest pharmacy?
  37. where is the nearest hospital?
  38. can i see your ID, please?
  39. do you have a passport?
  40. can i see your boarding pass, please?
  41. what is your flight number?
  42. when does your flight leave?
  43. where are you flying to?
  44. can i bring this with me on the plane?
  45. are you packed?
  46. have you checked in?
  47. when is your birthday?
  48. what’s your favorite color?
  49. what’s your favorite food?
  50. what’s your favorite drink?
  51. what’s your favorite movie?
  52. what’s your favorite book?
  53. what’s your favorite music?
  54. do you have any siblings?
  55. how many brothers and sisters do you have?
  56. what’s your father’s name?
  57. what’s your mother’s name?
  58. do you have any pets?
  59. what kind of pets do you have?
  60. how many pets do you have?
  61. what’s your husband’s/wife’s name?
  62. do you have any kids?
  63. how many kids do you have?
  64. what are their names?
  65. how old are they?
  66. what does your husband/wife do for a living?
  67. what do you do for a living?
  68. are you retired?
  69. what is your favorite hobby?
  70. do you play any sports?
  71. what sports do you play?
  72. do you like to travel?
  73. have you ever been out of the country?
  74. where have you been?
  75. where would you like to go?
  76. do you have any cousins?
  77. how many?
  78. do you have any aunts or uncles?
  79. how many?
  80. do you have any nephews or nieces?
  81. how many?
  82. who is your best friend?
  83. how long have you known him/her?
  84. do you have any other friends?
  85. how many?
  86. where did you meet them?
  87. are you married?
  88. when did you get married?
  89. have you ever been married before?
  90. how many times?
  91. when is your anniversary?
  92. how long have you been together?
  93. do you have any children?
  94. how many?
  95. do you have any stepchildren?
  96. how many?
  97. are your parents still alive?
  98. how many brothers and sisters do you have?
  99. when is your birthday?
  100. what’s your sign?
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